Fully Compensated 
Practice Owner Focus Group

Register for a 60 minute focus group with Dr. Warren.

Join other Practice Owners as you share how COVID-19 has impacted your practice...

Dr. Warren will also share what the top 1% of Practice Owners are doing differently to succeed and thrive...even now.

Compensation is $75/hr for Practice Owners for 2 hours of participation.

Part 1: Focus group with Dr. Warren - 1 hour duration

Part 2: A 1-on-1 interview with the researching consultant - 1 hour duration

Total compensation: $150

What you will cover:

    • Data review of how COVID-19 has impacted private practices

    • The absolute "wrong move" to make in a crisis (that most owners are doing!)

    • How to reverse team burnout

    • What technology is most important for Practice Owners to improve efficiency and acquire new patients

    • How to create a stockpile of CASH NOW to get ready for the looming recession (Critical!)

    • How to offload your Front Desk to improve the patient experience and conversion into booking an appointment

    • And much much more...


The IMpact of COVID-19 On Private Practice

Dr. Warren Bio

Dr. Warren is known as one of the sharpest and most innovative minds in the health care industry.

He has helped to create a practice growth model which has positively impacted the success of thousands of practices, many of which have been completely transformed.

Having spoken on top stages such as TedX and the Academy, Dr. Warren has acquired unique strategies that will likely completely change the way you view your practice. 

If you have a chance to see Dr. Warren, be sure to take it, as it is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. 

 Requirements For Participation:

1. You are a Practice Owner
*(must own 50% or more of the practice)
2. You have at least 6 employees

3. You want and can handle more new patients/clients

4. You have the capacity to implement new strategies (not too busy)

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Fully compensated for Practice Owners
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Focus Group Feedback


“Dr. Warren’s insights have literally been a complete game changer for our practice"

Dr. Aaron

"Dr. Warren's research & strategies have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars of more revenue"

Dr. Nicole

"Counter-intuitive strategies backed by actual implementation across hundreds of practices - fantastic."

Dr. Robert

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